The prison of being easily overstimulated

~ Not being able to do what you do when you want to do it

… having to shut everything down and sit/lie with that notion

~ Not being able to listen because it literally hurts

… coming across as uninterested 

~ Outbursts of ideas and plans when you feel good

… not being able to finish them because it becomes too much

~ Having to drink alcohol at social gatherings because otherwise, you can’t handle them

… still waking up with a massive headache when you chose not to drink

~ Not being able to eat because of high tension levels in your body

… having even less energy

~ Not being able to talk to your friends in the evening when they have time

… worrying about not being a good friend 

~ Not being able to talk for a long time or with multiple people on one day

… being forced to spend a lot of time alone

~ Not planning more than two days ahead because you don’t know how you’ll feel by then

… not being able to make promises or look forward to something

… having to schedule two empty days before a big activity, not knowing if it will be fun or if other people aim to be fit by then too (often leading to the horrible situation where you’ve held back for days and people say: “Oh I can’t do anything; actually, I’m so hungover today”)

~ Shutting down in the presence of extroverts 

… coming across as unapproachable 

~ Worrying about not having enough energy to see people

… spending energy on worrying

… worrying about being alone

~ Not being able to express the millions of thoughts you’re having

… exploding from time to time 

~ Not allowing yourself to be excited about something to avoid disappointment when you can’t handle it

… emotional numbness

~ Not being able to sleep while exhausted 

… becoming extremely tired 

*When it really goes wrong*


Stomach aches

Panic attacks because you can’t get rid of your energy

Forgetting stuff

Not being able to talk/listen/write (spelling errors all the time)

Not being able to sleep

Not being able to see the people you love

Being forced to lie in a dark room and think about all this




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