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  • Fear Strikes Deeper than my Blade

    Fear strikes deeper than the bladeDripping from the walls,All the wallsDown, down All the doors are openAnd they shut, shutMy voice is stuckA thick throat The color red has its own life,Just like green,Hissing Inflammatory confection I am afraidnessI was born to be sticky andDistressingI’m howling you Things have to be replaced by me,Put in…

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  • A letter to God

    Dear God, We usually don’t talk a lot, not like this. But I have a question about something that I really don’t understand. My friend wants to die, you see. And I wonder, why did you make them like that? I get that you wanted to make a diverse world; I really do. I get…

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  • The prison of being easily overstimulated

    ~ Not being able to do what you do when you want to do it … having to shut everything down and sit/lie with that notion ~ Not being able to listen because it literally hurts … coming across as uninterested  ~ Outbursts of ideas and plans when you feel good … not being able…

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