Early Winter – Capricorn Season

Welcome to the cold, welcome to the silence. At the start of early winter, we search for the light. We search for the fire, the candle, the warmth. We come together, we celebrate, we look back. We go through a passage, a doorway, and then we transform.

Trans – form. Trans means “across,” “beyond,” “through,” “changing thoroughly,” “transverse,” and form is the way in which we exist and appear. To go through it means to go across and beyond ourselves. We shapeshift. And if the winter cold hasn’t frozen our bones yet, we bend.

Welcome to darkness. With our new shape, we finally meet the cold. Have we maybe received new eyes to look around with? Darkness brings us wisdom. It brings us rest. We hibernate and build potential. The frozen depths sustain our limbs so we can pause. We listen to the sound of darkness, for without eyesight, our hearing improves. And our other senses improve as well. What do we sense? What do we taste?

This is the time to be mindful and bodyful. It’s a time of patience and simplicity. We take one step and then another. And then we wait.