Mid-autumn – Scorpio season

It’s time for a bit of storytelling. I wanted to write about Scorpio season today, or in other words, mid-autumn. I wanted to emphasize its strictness and its sharpness. But then my mother-my closest Scorpio, told me that she dreamed about me last night.

She told me that I was lying on a wet, uncomfortable bed and that I was terrified. She tried to convince me to go with her to a warmer place, but I refused. She tried to cover me with a blanket and finally, I went with her.

hen it occurred to me that while I generally experience Scorpio season as a cold, distant and nearly dangerous period after the reflection weeks of early autumn, this season provides us with a choice.

The choice: after courageously turning inwards during Libra season, deeply listening to our inner voice and evaluating whether we are acting in accordance with our conscience, do we allow ourselves to kindly elevate to a higher, more challenging, and undiscovered level of life?

Or do we punish ourselves for what we’ve found within our inner worlds by creating an endless loop of self-condemnation? We often drag ourselves past the gates of hell and create our own torture.

I made many sacrifices myself during early autumn, and that makes me feel sad. The things I’ve had to let go of left behind empty spaces, and those feel like open wounds. But empty spaces can be filled and with proper care, injuries can heal and scar tissue is stronger than skin.

Through telling this story, the chilly, seemingly unkind season turned into an eager and high-spirited phase of the year; From fiery into red-hot. Do I sense some dragon presence here?

I do expect some unexpressed grief to come out in late autumn when we meet Sagittarius. But for now, come sit by the fire.