Productive Narratives

An important part of the Revolution of the Kind People involves the idea of Productive Narratives. This area within the revolution focuses on asking the question: What should we talk about? It also emphasizes Deep Listening: really listening to what the other (than human) has to say and/or express. With Productive Narratives, we encourage ourselves and each other to kindly engage in actual discussions. Also, we move away from supposed “discussions” that function to mask conversations about real issues. For instance, racism itself isn’t a discussion. Instead, how racism makes us feel, in what (unconscious) ways we contribute to it, and what we can do to expose and fight against it, is a productive narrative. The same counts for topics like feminism, animal oppression, planetary oppression, and climate change. The purpose of Productive Narratives is not to be right or attribute guilt to specific groups or individuals, although it also doesn’t ignore the necessity of doing those things sometimes. The main purpose is to define narratives that are productive, and to subsequently engage with, investigate, and enrich them.

The louder the voices
The less I speak
When silence returns
I carefully
My voice
Is it still there?